WordPress simple to use, not so simple to protect

Most people who have a website nowadays will have a CMS system in place which is an acronym for Content Management System allowing website owners to simply and easily update and add to their site, WordPress is the most commonly... Read more

Carlow Weather 2012 and All time records

Summary Rain: Year 901.9 mm (206 rain day(s) this year) Temperature High 25.2 °C on 25/05/2012 Temperature Low  -5.5 °C on 03/02/2012 Barometer High 1041.6 hPa on 12/05/2012 Wind Gust High 87km/h on 22/11/2012 Rainfall Chart:   All time Records... Read more

Raspberry pi case

Ok so now that I had a use for my Raspberry pi I needed a case to keep it safe and steady. There are loads available to purchase but I decided a DIY case would do for now so I... Read more

Raspberry pi Project 1

So I decided to pick up a Raspberry pi which is a credit-card sized computer that plugs into your TV, see http://www.raspberrypi.org/ for more details. Its a pretty cheap device at €35 Euro available from Element14 or RS Online you... Read more

A new blog

So a new blog for O’Reilly.ie which is owned by me Alan O’Reilly, the domain name obviously reflects my name – a good Irish surname 🙂 So what will I be blogging about about, ummm weather, technology and lots of... Read more

Coming Soon

Coming soon! A new blog from Alan O’Reilly   Read more